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School’s in! (But it’s out already?)

School’s in! (But it’s out already?)

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Brick and mortar traditional schools (as well as most homeschoolers) are gearing up everywhere for a years worth of academic adventure.

School’s in! Whoo hoo! As the first days of school begin, excitement usually abounds for kids as they head off eagerly to see their friends chatting as they hustle into their first classrooms and meet their teachers.  Those “first day of school pics” flood our Facebook feeds and we usher the kids off to school with joyful relief!

Unfortunately, what at first looked to be a smooth year for schools is already off to a rocky start due to confusion about masks, covid and what the classroom will again look like this year. (I’m looking at you remote learning!) Today’s news is full of stories about how many schools nationally are already switching to hybrid and remote learning, with uncertain duration and an uncertain future. As an Emergency physician on the “front lines”,  I tell kids and parents everyday that they will have to quarantine. I’ve seen firsthand the tears, anger and hopelessness that follow and as a mom, I understand their frustration. I recently had one young girl  break into tears and declare “I’m going to fail!” to her mother.  

This is not easy for any of us and it is simply exhausting! We’ve all begun to run out of endurance in this long game. Most parents simply have no energy or time  left to even search for a solution, and fewer still know where to start. That’s exactly why we built Anything Academic. The last thing you want to do when you get “that call” or “that email” from the school is to try to research frantically for some new option at the last minute. Even my partner’s child was sent home on day 2! Here we go again! Whatever your personal opinion on the matter, the ground may be shifting under your feet. What to do! What are your options? As the in and out of the classroom ping-pong game begins, what can you do to help your kids?

Let’s make this easier!  Try this quick and simple way to find exactly what you need for your child. Here is how to find what you need in a  few quick minutes. Simply. Instantly. Easily.

  1. Consider Professional help. 
    That’s right, get some extra help. Everyone needs some sometimes. Find a tutor for whatever subject you need. Get ahead, help your child catch up or just get someone to help for a week or two while your children are home to make sure they don’t fall behind. Search our professional listings as well as thousands more from MOOCs. No matter what your budget, their are options here. Consider private teachers as well as small group online classes (which may be less expensive). 

  2. Go ahead, change your plan!
    Did you know most states will let you decide to homeschool at any point? Even day 2, 3, etc of traditional school. This remains an option for anyone not relishing another year of uncertainty. Be sure to get to know your options/laws for your state. You can do so easily here.   Not sure where to even start without a lot of planning? Last minute? Check out one of these All-in-one solutions to get you going. Every subject in one clean, simple and all-inclusive package. Ready to go in minutes. Best of all? Many of them your kids run completely by themselves. Many are even free or super inexpensive. Pick whether you want your child to learn from books, workbooks or online. Your choice! Tired of digital learning? You have options!

  3. Consider an online school.
    It’s not too late, as many online schools have rolling admissions that allow you to start at any time. Many in-state programs are even free! Is your state’s online program full? Don’t worry there are lots of other schools that will take out of state students and they are FULLY ACCREDITED. Explore our online school lists matching your personal needs here!

  4. Discover great online learning games and programs.
    These programs and platforms take education to a whole new level. Learn math while invading mars. Explore virtual worlds while studying history, science and more. Check out our “learning resources” to discover more.

  5. Learn anything instantly with a MOOC e-learning classes. 
    thousands of online classes for kids on ANY subject ranging from a few days to a semester or year long. Need an English teacher for a year? A week? No problem, MOOC’s have you covered. This e-learning is done by professionals who have been teaching this way for years, not just through a crisis. Small groups of a handful of kids and engaging subjects make them perfect for quick solutions or longer term.

  6. Gameschooling. Yes this is a thing!
    Gameschooling is when use games to teach an entire curriculum or any subject. Seriously check out Cytosis for Cellular Biology.  Make family game night educational and supplement your child’s education. Sure, monopoly teaches math, but that was your grandmothers gameschooling! Check out hundreds of new and amazing possibilities and UP your game.

  7. There’s an app for that!
     hundreds of options for great online learning apps. Keep your kids engaged and let them think they are getting away with murder!

  8. Box up a solution!
    Grab a monthly fun educational box subscription (some even come as single boxes if you are watching your budget) to add some spice to what becomes the doldrums at home! Pick any subject and find an entire boxed adventure to help kids learn with arts and crafts, exploration and much, much more. P.S. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a grandchild these are fantastic. Fun, Educational and can be done together. 

  9. Get help and advice!
    If you are in for a sudden change of direction, don’t go it alone. We are here to help but your local area Facebook support groups and learning co-ops can help you! We list them all in your area! Not sure what a co-op is? Learn more!

  10. Arm yourself with knowledge.
    Not sure what your options are? Our library is full of information to help you on your way. Explore it here. It doesn’t take long to flip through a few great articles to teach you about a subject you have probably never even looked at! Leave the myths and uncertainties behind and learn more about all your options!

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