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Exploring The Homeschool Hybrid Option

Exploring The Homeschool Hybrid Option

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Many parents who make the decision to homeschool want support. A homeschool hybrid program offers families the option to have assistance in their journey.
Sarah Meers, Founder of Family Learning Alliance

Sarah Meers, Founder of Family Learning Alliance

Family Learning Alliance was founded by Sarah Meers, an educator with almost 20 years experience. Sarah has a BS in Elementary Education and a MA in Education Administration. She is certified in Education Leadership, Elementary Education, ESE K-12, Reading K-12 and Gifted Education K-12. Sarah used the knowledge and experiences gained during her time as a teacher and instructional coach to create a learning center that caters to families who need an individualized approach to education.

There are many reasons we might choose to homeschool. All of them are valid and most of them are served up with a side of anxiety. Perhaps you can relate to asking waking up in the middle of the night wondering if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Maybe you find yourself searching Facebook groups to find out whether your child is where they are supposed to be. Eventually, many parents find their groove and achieve homeschooling success and many of them do it with support from a homeschool hybrid.

At Family Learning Alliance, our homeschool hybrid program is not your typical hybrid program. This unique program is individually planned for the students who do not fit into a one size fits all curriculum. It offers support for parents and families who want to homeschool but may not have the time, resources, or confidence to do it alone. It also gives students the “school” experience but at a level and time rate that match their needs and family dynamics.

When I founded Family Learning Alliance, I knew we needed a different kind of homeschool hybrid program. I designed it especially for students with unique abilities that offered the level of individualization that other schools could not offer. I had heard from countless parents about how they needed something different – something that really fit their child. I decided to focus on creating a program that was built around the child instead of a program that kids would fit into. Instead of shoving students in a program models box, we build the box around them.

Our facility is located in Lutz, Florida. Our learning specialists also offer academic advising and homeschool start-up consulting for parents across the country. If you have questions about your homeschool journey, desire support or help with questions regarding curriculum, assessment, academic planning, student learning or any other homeschool questions I hope you will reach out.  Family Learning Alliance exists to help parents like you create a stress-free homeschool experience.

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