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12 Great Reasons to Explore Our National Parks

12 Great Reasons to Explore Our National Parks

Exploring National Parks in the United States
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Looking for great outdoor summer travel and trips across the country? Well, the National Parks are waiting for you! Also, if you happen to have a 4th grader, make sure you read on!
Dr. Juli Shamas, Founder/CEO of Anything Academic
Dr. Juli Shamas, Founder/CEO of Anything Academic

A mother of two and avid researcher, Dr. Shamas created Anything Academic after spending years finding all of the amazing resources for her daughters. She believes parents and educators deserve to have everything they need in one place. Anything Academic is the culmination of that dream.


For many families, summer means fun, play, and running around in the sun. Maybe a summer camp or two? A chance to try a new sport? How about discovering a new skill? Perhaps it’s your time to travel. Are you looking for great outdoor summer travel and trips? Where? Near you, across the country? It doesn’t matter. Just get outside! If you are looking to explore National Parks this summer, and happen to have a 4th grader, read on! 

The US National Park Service was created in 1908 by Theodore Roosevelt. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

“Of all the questions which can come before this nation, short of the actual preservation of its existence in a great war, there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us.” – Theodore Roosevelt 

Every Kid Outdoors Program

Did you know that there is a program called Every Kid Outdoors in our National Parks? Have you ever heard of it? It’s pretty nifty. Every 4th grader in the nation (and their families) can get into all participating national parks for free! 4th-grade educators, yes, this means homeschool moms too, can also download educational materials for the parks.

THIS YEAR ONLY, 5th graders also get access through August 2021 (to make up for 2020, of course). It’s a great program, and it encourages all of us to explore National Parks with their natural beauty and surprises.

So, get out and explore national parks everywhere. Not sure where to find them? Don’t worry! We list hundreds of them right here on Anything Academic. Search for the National Park near you and teach your kids about the great outdoors. Go for a hike and make a discovery! 

Benefits of Exploring National Parks

Benefits of exploring National Parks (available year-round) include:

  • Inspiration and love of the great outdoors! Teach kids to enjoy the grandeur of the natural world. Hike and see birds, wildlife, and more.
  • Great for exercise. Be active! Hiking, biking, canoeing, you name it. There is nothing like wide-open spaces and breathing fresh air!
  • The price is right! Parks tend to be economical and free for the family if you have a 4th grader! The pass is good for the entire year. Even if you don’t have a 4th grader, they’re very inexpensive.
  • Foster knowledge of the natural world and conservation. Kids will learn to appreciate and connect with the natural world. They can learn how conserving their resources could help protect our wildlife.
  • Escape from consumerism. Teach kids a joy away from purchases and devices. Find activities like horseback riding, cycling, and hiking.
  • Create memories for a lifetime. I’ll never forget my family trip when I was 10: the majestic beauty of Zion, the Grand Canyon, Bryce. I can’t wait to take my own children soon.
  • Experience our national history. Take your social studies on the road!
  • Enjoy the National Park’s Junior Ranger program. Each park has special activities for kids.
  • Discover Nature Studies. Learn about the local flora and fauna for zoology, geology, and more!
  • See the sky in ways we haven’t in thousands of years! LOOK UP! Camping in national parks away from city light pollution lets us see the night sky like our ancestors with a beacon. Don’t forget to stargaze, explore astronomy, or bring a portable telescope while camping!
  • Get kids away from distractions. Instead, let them observe and discover new things. Teach them to look around, find the paths, trails, and prints.
  • Challenge your family to do something new! Get out and learn new skills. 

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