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Top Learning Resources for Kids Interested in Marine Biology

Top Learning Resources for Kids Interested in Marine Biology

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Is your child interested in marine biology? There are amazing apps and resources here on Anything Academic to help inspire and educate them!

Anything Academic is excited to partner with Fig and Wally to bring you some great resources to complement the amazing speakers you are hearing from. 

From protecting endangered penguins, to saving sea turtles and beached whales marine biology is an incredibly exciting and rewarding career. You don’t have to be in college to learn, engage and explore all that marine biology has to offer. So, where do you find all of these resources? Well you’re in the right spot! Just keep reading.

When you create a free profile on Anything Academic you can make your search as specific as you want. Want to find the best field trips with a culinary focus? No problem. We can show you the ones closest to you right now. Anything Academic strives to be the one place you can go to find literally Anything Academic! 

Check out some of the apps and resources we selected below and then create a profile to see what other resources, summer camps, enrichment boxes, student news sites, field trips, and more you can find to complement your study!

We recommend searching for aquariums under the field trips tab. Visit their sites to find virtual field trips. These are free and incredibly informative for kids of all ages. Want to find a summer camp near you with a marine biology focus? Search camps using the key word “ocean” for some great options!

Apps and Resources

Ocean First Education

An on demand digital marine science curricula.

Courses contain rich content, student guides, assessments, interactives, narrated videos, and engaging photography. Fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, the courses convey the interconnected nature of science as it is practiced and experienced in the real world. Our thought-provoking, engaging marine science courses help teachers inspire interest and action among students across STEM disciplines.

Club SciKidz STEM Box Save Our Oceans- Science Kit for Kids

Ocean Zone Model Make Your Own Bioplastic Experiment with Biodegradable Peanuts Learn About Pressure and Boyle's Law 20 Micro Experiments & Observations, Science Quotes and Riddles, The World of Science Fiction, and Scientists Who Inspire

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Exploring Oceans

Homeschool STEM Kits for Kids by Horizon Group USA

Includes Hands-On Educational Manual, Collector Cards, Sea Shells, Game Cards, Sea Salts & More

Great hands on learning and educational science STEM kit for boys and girls which encourages STEM learning for ages 5+ and gives back to a ocean themed related Charity.

Ms. Frizzle from the magic school bus makes science an exhilarating experience and kids can follow along with the magic school bus books from scholastic and Netflix series Young scientists will learn all about oceans with the included large shell Identification poster, a colorful illustrated manual with a guide for adults, real shells and a sand dollar, cling on stickers, and much more. All our mind blowing science kits are developed by a team of Harvard graduates, Scientists, and educators are put on the market after it has passed the ultimate test-approval by multiple teams of young scientists at our Annual camps. Kit comes with all Supplies needed (except for common household items) and detailed experiment manual with guidance to make this educational ocean themed science STEM kit for kids a great learning toy.

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