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Social Opportunities for Homeschool Students

Social Opportunities for Homeschool Students

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Being homeschooled is actually setting kids up for social success. There are many rich social experiences out there that are perfect for homeschooled kids.

Homeschooling is a fantastic way to give your children the freedom to socialize in any manner they choose.  It’s funny that the general public has this misconception that homeschooled kids are set up to be socially impaired. If anything, being homeschooled is actually setting kids up for social success. There are many rich social experiences out there that are perfect for homeschooled kids.

Your local library probably does more than loan out books.

Don’t discount the library in your area! Lots of libraries have fun events made, especially for kids and teenagers. Many libraries hold events such as movie nights, educational or book-based trivia nights, summer reading program events, book clubs for older kids, and storytimes for younger children.  Not only are these events fun and educational, but they are also a great way to meet new friends around a common interest: BOOKS!

Look for programs at the  YMCA or local recreational center.

The YMCA is more than just a gym.  Many YMCAs have programs built for preschoolers, elementary schoolers, and middle schoolers all the way through to adulthood!  Whether your kid wants to join a team sport, have some fun in the pool, take dance classes, or even go to day camp, the YMCA could be a great place to start looking for friendships. Shared physical activity breeds camaraderie. All the while, your child be learning the important life skills of what it means to be a teammate and good sportsmanship.

Audition for a role in the community theatre.

Community theater is great for homeschool kids who are budding actors and actresses. Since a homeschool schedule is usually pretty flexible, rehearsals can easily be incorporated into the homeschool day. In addition to forming friendships with other young actors and actresses who attend public, private, or other types of schools in the area, your kids will also get the opportunity to act alongside experienced adults. If your son or daughter is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of a kid, there are lots of opportunities for kids to volunteer to be an essential part of the stage crew.

Sign up for classes in the arts.

There are so many opportunities for your child to meet people through group classes. Dance class, pottery class, watercolor painting class, or even learning a musical instrument are fun and easy to connect with others.  Sometimes colleges will host group classes in the arts for younger kids on weekends or during the summer.  Many communities also have junior choirs or orchestras for which your child can audition.  Mutual art appreciation is a fantastic basis for friendship.

Look for nearby homeschool groups and co-ops.

You’re probably not the only parent homeschooling in your town or city.  Check out local homeschool co-ops to create social connections for your kids. Anything Academic is your resource for finding groups near you. We can show you the co-ops in your area or Facebook groups based on the topics you’re interested in with a quick search. Please search through our field trips to find engaging activities near you and a homeschool group to enjoy them with! We pride ourselves on having all of the answers, so you don’t have to look any further!

Don’t forget the internet.

If your son or daughter plays video games or has a tablet or cell phone, there’s already a solid chance that they’re socializing through the internet. Please have a look through our Gameschooling curriculums.  Friendships can often pop up from popular multiplayer video games like Fortnite or Minecraft. Using the world wide web to make friends is incredibly common among adolescents. 

A word of caution to parents: monitor your children’s online activity.  Enough said.

Connect through church or religion.

If you belong to a religious community, there are almost certainly great social opportunities available at your worship place. Youth groups often do more than attending church. They go on camping trips, have regular weekly meetings, do local or even global service projects, and can lead to strong and long-lasting friendships around a common faith.

Give martial arts a shot.

Mixed martial arts, karate, jujitsu, kung fu — the possibilities are endless.  Kids can enrich their bodies and minds by taking martial arts classes. These are often taught as group classes, so there will be plenty of other young students to strike up conversations between fighting matches.

Rely on friends and family

It’s hard to keep up a social life as a busy parent, but if you manage to get together with a group of friends or family regularly, consider coordinating some activities between all your kids. The adults can enjoy a glass of wine or card game while the kids goof off in the backyard or the basement.

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